Good Mornings Starts With Coffee!

We welcome you to Café Ipsum, the home of excellently brewed coffee. We are proud to announce that since we first opened our doors in 2007 we have since progressed to roast our own coffee beans using only the highest quality beans that we source worldwide. It is an exciting time in the history of Ipsum and nothing tastes better than a freshly roasted coffee bean. Our aim is to become the only place for your daily coffee needs.

At Café Ipsum it is always been about our customers and the flavour in your cup. We know that the flavour that is presented in your cup starts at coffee farms. We are obsessed with offering the best tasting coffee and that is why we select only top grade beans, use innovative roasting techniques and technology.

We use a simple and straightforward approach when selecting our beans. We aim for only the best in order to deliver and exceptional taste sensation in a cup. Our signature espresso blend that we created after numerous tests and roasting is a full roast comprising of Sumatra Mandheling, Guatemala Huehuetenango and Columbian Pescadores with a hint of Brazil’s Santa Alina. The result offers you a smooth and balanced espresso with all the right taste triggers.

The management and staff at our proud café are experts in their fields and highly trained, skilled baristas.

We are open daily for early risers for their first cuppa and breakfast served from 7am weekdays and the kitchen remains open throughout the day until 5pm.

Lunches starts from 12 midday until 5pm.

All coffees, and drinks are served throughout the day from opening at 7 am until closing time at 6pm.

Please take a look at our menu, which we change regularly with daily and seasonal specials and market availability. Our produce and products are sourced from the best UK producers, markets and farmers.